Finding Ashley Stewart 2019 | Plus-Size Runway Event

Hotlanta showed OUT this past weekend for the 3rd Annual Finding Ashley Stewart 2019. I was in full attendance at the event and let me tell you, the energy was BANANAS! There were..... ONE HUNDRED & THIRTY ONE ladies who signed up to participate in the FAS Contest.

Registrants were asked to arrive between 1:30 and 2:30pm, which I arrived a little early along with ten other ladies. Around 1:30pm we were given a number, took a head shot and grabbed a gift bag. We were allowed to seat afterwards, take pictures at the Ashley Stewart backdrop and interview with the camera crew during this time. As more registrants came, they began to pump up the music and start the event shortly after 2:30pm

According to @whosthatgirldarnell Atlanta broke the record for the most registrations in the Finding Ashley Stewart event! #WeDaBest. Our hostesses with the mostess, was the oh so gorgeous Miss Darnell who did such a fabulous job hosting this four hour event. There were also a panel of judges, two of which were Miss Ashley Stewart 2017 and Miss Ashley Stewart 2018, a celebrity guest and more.

For the contest, they encouraged all participants to wear something from Ashley Stewart, old or new, and showcase themselves as to why they should be the next Ashley Stewart for 2019. For this event. I went went vintage, with a green, faux leather, off-the-shoulder, dress from Ashley Stewart. I paired my dress with a nude heel and simplistic gold accessories.

Overall, the event was very inspirational, and encouraging. It was beautiful to see all of the ladies who were so confident and had their time to strut their stuff. I'm very proud to be apart of the Plus Size community, and the support I received just from being on the stage for less than 2 minutes gave me even more confidence. I'm almost certain each contestant can say the same :)

I would like to thank Ashley Stewart and all of the vendors, and people who made this such a great event! Keep up the great work and I hope to see you next year ;)

Watch me #RipTheRunway

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